LuCI stabbed me in the eyes after upgrading

Thanks, I hate it.

LuCI 0.12 had a good theme.

What is the point of you post? Are you asking for help changing themes or just stating your dislike for something that changed?

If your'e not bleeding too badly try changing the theme.


A UI change does not have to be bad.

But it seems nobody cares about eyestrain, despite "dark mode" being common.

Dark mode exists in the standard LuCI bootstrap theme on 21.02. Try it.

Try argon theme, dark mode.

Damage already done, but it is an okay theme (not one I like, but it's good enough, it does the job.)

Well, LuCI 0.12 was in the Barrier Breaker 14.07 some eight years ago.

If I remember right, it might still have had the old openwrt theme as the default.
If you want that theme, it is still available as luci-theme-openwrt

(Bootstrap looked then a bit different than nowadays, but not much)

Try follow-up with a ophthalmologist. He will carry out some basic tests and labs.
For future use will recommend which colors should be used in computers themes.

No literal damage. It just stung temporarily.