LuCI processes list empty

I've builded OpenWrt and all necessary packages by myself, all work fine (base functionality, swap onto USB device, openvpn, wireguard, adblock, LuCI) except LuCI - Processes page.
At this page I see

No information available

top builded without any manual editing (thru make menuconfig)
From this thred I found out that this page utilize top -bn1 command. I tried run this command by SSH - all work as expected, I saw processes list.
I can't find any corresponding logs - I've checked logread, dmesg and /var/log folder.
Can anyone direct me in correct way with this problem?

I figure out the seource of proble: top program was builded with some deviations from default config - my mistake.
When I reset .config to default state LuCI processes started to displaying correct info.

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