luCi process list doesn't show all processes?

When I run a process list on luCi, it gives me most, but not all, of the currently running processes.
In particular, snort (PID 6896) doesn't show on the list. Is the process list filtered?

Running OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r12935+261-a185cc1be1 / LuCI Master git-20.111.65731-398b198

Possibly that is due to a parsing error.
On that line you have a letter in a numeric field: "564m"


I guess that LuCI fails to parse that line and skips it.

Looks like this code expects VSZ field to be numeric "+(%d+)":

@jow might be able to provide more qualified reasoning.

Yeah, sounds right. I've never seen/expected a process with such a huge VSS on OpenWrt yet.

I run a heavy snort ruleset, so it's memory intensive.

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