LUCI on Winstars WS-WN583A6 (Gemeita AC2100)

Hello, this is my first post and i would like to say hello to everybody :slight_smile:
I have a Gemeita AC2100 (or WS-WN583A6 how it is write in the model name) that i use as range extender, from this link

Change #3425 (

I read that i can install OpenWrt on it, i know i have to install a snapshot version and if i want the GUI i need to do it manually, i know how to install the firmware, but i don't know how to install LUCI, let me try to explain, how can i install LUCI if i installed openwrt, how can i configure the range extender to connect to the router with the new software?

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If you're installing from snapshot, the DLabe packages will be invalid after next compile /snapshot generation.

Make sure to have a local copy of them, or be prepared to install the newest snapshot.

Thanks for the reply, i read the link, but after i installed Openwrt how can i configure the repeter to connect to my router?? I have to configure the SSID and the password of my router so he can connect to the internet and the he can download the LUCI package.. (it is a range extender not a modem/router).

For it to access internet it needs IP, gateway och DNS. Use a cable, less work required.

And an internet connection, )

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I haven't found a stable release (with luci) that include my extender, so i must install the snapshot if i want a better web interface rich of options :slight_smile:

Can i ask you what is DLabe?

Do u mean connect the range extender directly to my modem/router?

EDIT : lol im just fuse i can connect it to my PC sorry :smiley:


Then ssh to from your computer.

If your router uses the same ip, you'll need to connect the pc directly to the extender after you've manually set it's IP to something in the 192.168.1. subnet.

DLabe = downloadable = all packages and extra features, including Luci (when installing a snapshot).

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For some problem/reason i have to connect my PC through wifi to my smarthone, so my pc will have internet, then i will connect the extender through the lan cable to the same PC. Do u think it will work? I will be able to install LUCI using this way?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Its doable, but will require a lot extra work.

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Damn, i don't know what to do eheheh... This extender have maybe some chinese web interface, some options don't work or are disabled (i don't know why). I bought it because when i connect through wifi my pc to the router i have a good connection with 20/30mbps dwn/up, but unstable due to the distance. With the extender i have a slow connection (sometimes 10mbps, sometimes 2mbps) but a stable connection without disconnections. I Thought it was because of the software installed. Do you think it is a software problem? If i install OpenWrt on the extender i could have a good connection?

No, I doubt it's the software, but it'll never hurts to put an open source solution on it :slight_smile:

But you should have bought a pair of power lan adapters instead.

If you decide to put openwrt on it after all, I have a couple ideas on how to make it work ,)

I could not use the power lan because i share the internet with my sister on the superior floor (no i don't steal it heeheh).
Maybe i will try to install it tomorrow in the morning, hoping to not brick it heheheh

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Not sure how you'd steal it from her by putting power lan adapters in, except perhaps by increasing your own bandwidth ,)

I mean i don't steal her wi-fi hehehe, i know i can't connect power lan to different power line :slight_smile:

Ah, two different flats or something.... Got it.