Luci on nginx compile


Yes, I know, I have tried two ways to make luci on nginx.

  1. uwsgi, same uwsgi.ini and nginx.conf. I get the error shown in the pic, can't open
  2. fcgi way according to that chinese website


Cgi plugin is not an error as cgi plugin is built-in


Now I'm using your makefile, it's OK now. Thank you!


tought you were using the precompiled package


new uwsgi file

stric = True
plugins = cgi
uwsgi_modifier1 = 9
socket =
cgi-mode = true
cgi = /www/cgi-bin/luci
threads = 2
processes = 4
chdir = /usr/lib/lua/luci/
master = True
buffer-size = 10000
thunder-lock = True
logger = syslog:uwsgi
daemonize = True
log-format = %(addr) %(method) %(uri) => generated %(rsize) bytes in %(msecs) msecs


reverse proxy!!!
i'd like so much to have nginx on my 7800 without fighting with uhttpd :slight_smile:


by chance are you thinking about creating a specific package like to install all is needed for luci under nginx and remove uhhtpd?


um... currently i'm pushing a luci-nginx package that will install nginx and luci without installing uhttpd...

I will finally push another package that will install specific nginx file and uwsgi configuration with a right init.d file to autostart it.

We need to wait... and in all this time i'm pushing a lot of fixes to improve luci and improve compatibility with uwsgi (fix reboot,apply page and and upgrade page)



well i'm not in a hurry, but it would be nice to have a single package to turn "standard" luci to "nginx" luci, since not many people crate their own build..


How strange, I use the latest makefile and uwsgi.ini mentioned before, but I get the cgi_plugin error again

I build from the latest 18.06 source and have executed make disclean



Although I get this error message, it's still woking


Login works?


Yes, everything works fine. Except the cgi.plugin error, also I can't kill the uwsgi process.


the uwsgi have 4 subprocess

about cgi.plugin some way to reproduce it? what is your configuration?

pgrep uwsgi

kill -kill the first one should kill uwsgi... will upload a new config with linux socket and a pid file....


Base on your config, I only change this two
threads = 2 -> 1
processes = 4 -> 2


Cgi.plugin is something related to someodule


When I remove "plugins = cgi" , the message disappeared and nginx also work


where do you remove plugins = cgi ?

anyway new package luci-nginx without dependency of uhttpd :slight_smile:


where? when? how?


luci-nginx it's just luci package without the uhttpd dependency :frowning: