Luci on nginx compile

Good day!
Is there any news about using Luci on nginx?
I've read topic about month ago that someone complete this task, but no detailed info at all.
Can somebody clear this moment?
Link to topic Compilation problem

This topic you linked was about compiling a Python package on OpenWRT, not about nginx.


Hope this helps.

Hmm. Here is the message from that topic.

OK...another message also says:

So, the OP should ask @Ansuel about success wtih LuCI on nginx., as the manual says:

Luci on nginx is not possible as nginx does not support plain cgi.

uwsgi adds support for plain cgi and compiles well... problem is set it...

we can also use this...

but it's a bit old...

if someone wants to help me in finding how to configure uwsgi...

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I spent around a month researching and trying to get nginx to work with plain cgi support for LuCI in 2015ish, and at that point in time, it wasn't possible... if you are able to get nginx working with plain cgi for LuCI, please post your steps, as an asynchronous web server for a WebUI is preferred to a synchronous one like uhttpd.

back in times we didn't have tools... now we have 2 way to make them working... fcgiwrap or uwsgi

i can't find lots of guide about uwsgi with plain cgi anyway... but i tested and it's working on lede (i mean the deamon and his service)
so now we need to find some way to configure it

i manage to compile fcgiwrap anyway very easy

anyway it looks like we need something to run LUA SCRIPT NOT PLAIN CGI

As I can see LUA scripts also working with uWSGI:
And also CGI support could be enabled with uWSGI:
So I think uWSGI enough to make LUCI work under nginx.

you won't belive me but i'm so close to make it working!!!


@Ansuel, yahooo!!! I believe in You :wink:

problem is solve that damm unable to dispatch...

think the lua cgi is working as now it loads the page and the scripts...
nginx report 404 on cgi-bin/luci ummm

@Ansuel what extension have scripts located in cgi-bin/luci ?

OMFG it's working yessss

nice :slight_smile:

:frowning: spoke too soon... the login page loads but doesn't go ahead....

try change music to money for nothing...
what is in logs?

pref under pressure :wink:
anyway now problem is that luci repond with a 403 error forbidden like here with lighthttpd

Is that fix works?

looks like no :frowning:

Is that a solution?