LUCI Offline Installation


I Need to Install LUCI Offline from the Command Line.
Which Packages and which commands do i Need to use?
The Documentation does not mention this part:


These are the LuCI packages that are installed by default…


You use opkg to install them...


Thank you!


I try to find the luci packages for this Snapshot Target for Offline Download:
But in this list i can't find them:
Any help?


Ok found this path:
Is this the correct one, also for the "ramips mt76x8" Plattform?


Those packages are for other LuCI functionality.

All you need to do is the following...

opkg update
opkg install luci


The original question is for offline installation. opkg update requires the system to have an internet connection. So @excelsi is looking for a list of packages he can download that can be installed offline for the ramips mt76x8 platform.

Unfortunately, I could only take a guess at the precise answer to his question, which wouldn't tell him anything that he doesn't already know. But there is probably someone on this forum that knows the answer for sure.


I'm sure there is...

There is also an OpenWRT LuCI Essentials wiki article section "Minimalistic offline installation"...


Feel free to update: