Luci menu "dns and dhcp" is missing?

Looks like the "DNS and DHCP" is missing in the luci menu, any thoughts to restore it? Thanks.

have you uninstalled Dnsmasq? if so that is the reason

Another reason might be a corrupt (syntax errors, filesystem permissions) /etc/config/dhcp.

Run uci show dhcp >/dev/null via SSH to see potential syntax errors.

No error returned

root@OpenWrt:~# uci show dhcp >/dev/null

Yes i did removed and reinstalled it.

Try a reboot of the device to force a refresh of the router side and browser side menu cache.

No luck, there is no show error in log

are you sure that after you reinstalled, Dnsmasq is the dhcp server, or your config point to something different?


Should it be the menu disappeared if you have uninstalled the dnsmasq? just wonder....

yes,when you uninstalled dnsmasq who was the dhcp server?