LuCi exposed to internet


I have uHTTPd and when I use ''https'' when I use LuCi on my browser but how to know if LuCi is exposed or not ?



OpenWrt WAN input is rejected by default unless you specifically allow it with firewall rules/policies.
You can scan the router with Nmap if you have a host that can reach it from the WAN side.
Or use port-scanning/checking internet services if you have a public IP, but those are not so reliable.


ok, thanks.
but should I use ''acme'' ? I see some here talking about it ...

That requires a public IP and a domain name.
Perhaps you can use a free domain provided by some DDNS service.
Otherwise, you need to pay for it.
And it's not like you cannot use HTTPS without it.

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Acme is a script for creating and renewing certs, so the routers web interface can be accessed using https instead of http.

The certs are free, but have to be renewed on a monthly basis.


ok, anyway Im using right now Https as I said, with uHTTPd on port 443, I guess I'm ok...?

You should be fine as long as you are using the default firewall configuration for the WAN zone.


Use a reverse proxy if you truly need to have WebGUI exposed to the internet or better still make a VPN server and VPN into the network.

WebGUI exposed to the internet is asking for trouble.


don't forget if you setup IPV6 to check each IPV6 address for external access as well

gimme your IP adress i'll check it :grinning:

Tryout and look for and use Shields-Up you can scan your Public IP for open ports / Services and it will report this info visually back to you. You can also do a custom port scan of your defining.

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