Luci documentation?


Just moved to OpenWRt for the first time and I must admit, i am having a hell (difficult) of a time configuring and using it.

Mostly the documentation, the topics are clear, but all of them always provide info for CLI based operations, i havent seen much (perhaps any?) from a point of view for Luci users.

So forgive me if I missed it, but where can I find documentation using Luci?

Currently, I am trying to do the following:

  1. Configure OpenVPN server to access my network from outside using port 443.

  2. Configure WireGuard server to access my network from outside from restrictive networks.

  3. turn on or off IPV6.

  4. Maybe install/user Snort?

I am not an expert on any of those functions, just know what they do, but as I said, I would prefer to use the GUI, instead of the CLI.

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In case you are not aware, when you install those you also need to install a luci_app package for them which adds a page to LuCI. (or whatever your IP is), then you edit your LAN interface > DHCP Server > IPv6 Settings.


Thank you @Hegabo.

I am aware of that part and already did it, but nothing else after, since as I mentioned, no documentation for Luci, only CLI.

About IPV6, On that page (DHCP Server>IPV6 Settings) I have the following:

Router Advertisement-Sservice=server mode



Always announce default router=unchecked

Announced DNS servers=empty

Announced DNS domains=empty.

Going by all those entries, looks like IPV6 is disabled. should I enable it?

If yes, which values should I use?

Any good reasons to do this?

Any extra precaution that i need to take?

Anywhere in this site that I can find answers or guide for Luci on these things?

do you mean dhcp-v6-server... wan6-client? you haven't really stated your goal clearly ( read up about ipv6 basic knowledge ?)

depends on your environment goals

Same as above

Oversimplied generalism.

There are quite a few threads covering most of these options.. albeit not in a 15 step hold your hand format. Although as goals and environments vary... devising a "suit all" oversimplified set of steps in unrealistic. The luci options are mostly toggles... A picture tutorial is kinda mute.

While I think your intention on having clearer options for applying common setup scenarios is valid. Expecting some picture guide that will meet your scenario is way unrealistic. And at the end of the day... more than half of your issue is a lack of knowledge on the fundamantal underlying concepts... which are not really openwrt specific.

Any reason for using both OpenVPN and wireguard?

Thanks for the info.

Sadly, many people seems to forget that at one time, they also didnt knew anything or very little above a subject and the simpler and clearer guides helped those people understand the matter at hand and expand on it.

You are right, I will tackle each of those issues on other threads and articles.

So going back to the main "issue", I think that there should be more info and yes, guides, from a Luci perspective, since not everyone learn in the same way.

Given how stablished OpenVPN is, its a reliable way to accessing my network and WireGuard, well, since is the new "hotness", is good to try to play and learn about it.

It can be, but because of it's size/complexity it's also slower and can be tricky to set up correctly. Unless you have some specific need for OpenVPN then I'd start with using just Wireguard first.

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Valid point, thanks!