Luci default tab/node

When I was using the default theme, typing took me to Now I am using Freifunk theme and it takes me to (see the following screenshot)


This gave me some idea to play with adding new elements to luci interface. I followed and added a similar 'new tab' node for testing purpose.

module("luci.controller.myapp.new_tab", package.seeall) 
 function index()
     entry({"new_tab"}, firstchild(), "New tab", 1).dependent=false  
     entry({"new_tab", "tab_from_cbi"}, cbi("myapp-mymodule/cbi_tab"), "CBI Tab", 1) 
     entry({"new_tab", "tab_from_view"}, template("myapp-mymodule/view_tab"), "View Tab", 2) 


Everything is working perfectly. I just want one more thing. I want to load This New Tab node as default when I type (The same behavior which is being shown by Freifunk) How can I achieve this?