Luci-app-wireguard missing from latest snapshots


It seems luci-app-wireguard is missing from few last snapshots.
I checked in target x86_64 and arm_cortex-a9 and it is missing from and

Thank You

It's not 'missing', it's not been part of OpenWRT for a while now. The functionality was incorporated into luci-proto-wireguard.


...since Nov 2022
23.05 has never had it, and in main/master is has been gone since Nov 2022.

But the old compatilibity setting that PROVIDEd the old package name with the new package until now was removed four days ago by @systemcrash , so if your old config was using the deprecated package name, you only now noticed it.


Thank you for the information

Just change the search to luci-proto-wireguard instead. Everything is there :slight_smile:

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