Luci-app-transmission Run daemon as user non-empty value

Just installed 21.02 on my router and transmission as follow:

opkg install transmission-daemon transmission-web luci-app-transmission

Daemon etc. all working fine (with my config) but via Luci App I cannot make changes are reporting missing values in Run daemon as group and Run daemon as user in red.

Any advice?

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Same problem here !

I never had this problem before on the previous stable build of OpenWRT.
Since I did a clean install of 21.02 (on a MyBookLive NAS), I had exactly the same error !

I checked, the user "transmission" already exists in the system, but I cannot select it.

Solution here

1 Like patching or by sed command ?

If by patching, which file do I have to patch please ?

Sed command. patch is for package maintainer.

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