Luci-app-statistics ability to work across devices?

I have a router (RPi4, no WiFi) and a dumb AP. I am wondering if luci-app-statistics run on the AP and send the data on wireless radios to the main router which does not run any wireless stuff at all.

collectd can send data to another collectd listener on a different device, this is done using the collectd-mod-network plugin (which needs to be installed activated for both the sender and the listener.)


How is this plugin properly setup? I have a router/firewall ( with no wireless. I have a dumb AP with wireless ( I want to see the wireless data from the AP on the router.

Do I define both the server/listener on both devices? What about the enable forwarding option? Enabled on both? Thanks!


On the router, I defined its own IP address in the listener section. On the AP, I defined the IP of the router under server section.

Now when I look at /tmp/rrd on the router, I see two directories, one for the router and another for the access point so I guess it's working? How can I browse to the router's graph pages and see the wireless data from the access point?

There should be a host selector in the gui, next to the time frame dropdown when displaying graphs.

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Didn't even see that. Thank you.

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