Luci-app-nft-qos limit the bandwith of specific devices mac addresses

it is suggested by the interface in these pictures I can limit the bandwith of specific devices mac addresses but my interface does not give the option of mac address only IP address even tho the tab at the top suggest it.

My build is bleeding edge master from my own repo not as old as this and it only specifys IP in luci qos nft app
also is there way so it can pull the ip/ mac addresses from dnsmasq so I dont have to type things in manually ?

you could assign a static lease to the specific MAC in the DHCP, by doing so, the IP will be kept the same.

I have multiple dnsmasq instances it seems to set the IP address across instances not just on the specific dhcp server.
I have not figured out how to have different static IP adresses on different instances and for now and it causes issues.

Im guessing setting up dnsmasq on one interface and some other dhcp server on the other interface will hopefully fix this issue, im guessing the dnsmasq seems to share config files or something and im not really shure how to fix it.

I'm relativly new to openwrt and stitched my own repo up for my non supported device I'm still learning.