[luci-app-mwan3] Allow multi ip rules


Is not allowed in luci:

This would be a nice addition.

May you post the idea in LuCI github. commas is actually hack injecting working value into firewall, probably should be proper list in place of option.

Will search for that github. You are saying that the commas are a security vulnerabilty? The person injecting anything already has root access to the gui therefore root ssh access.

no idea what you are talking about.

Same. Have a good life.

For anyone interested I opened an issue:

Just FYI - the underlying system/OS can only do 1 range per rule. Most OSes are the same.

Not sure that matters to the OP, but may cause confusion for various layers of abstraction needed to conceive the OPs request.

It needs new abstraction, both iptables and nftables take comma-separated ad-hoc address ranges which successfully pass through from malformed config.