LuCi app for Speedtest

Over CLI I use this speedtest. It is working very well.
But is some-one who can make a LuCi app for this?
Now I use TTYD and start the speedtest.
The programm can be found here:

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What speed does it measure?

If the test lies in the router it only measures half of the total speed process. And to what server does it measure?
We have people in this forum using speed test of different kind and actually measure 1/4 around the world and then 1/2 way around the world and proof that 1/2 is longer (takes longer time) than 1/4.

The only real meaningful speedtest you can do is to measure the speed to your ISP switch. Beyond that a speed test is “the speed of the internet” and that is what it is from time to time.

Your install instructions are telling people to download an unknown ELF binary from some random github user and set it as executable. The install-speedtest script is obfuscated. Seems extremely fishy and probably won't work on all architectures, whatever it does. There is no source code in the repository, so there is no way that crap would make it into OpenWrt.