Luci and busybox udhcpd, should it work?

I think the answer is "no". But maybe I'm wrong.

I don't want to use dnsmasq for dns or dhcp. I've got my PROCD init.d script working fine for udhcpd but LUCI does not seem to know about udhcpd and so no leases are seen in LUCI.

Update: I have looked at the lua code and it looks like LEDE/Luci only supports dnsmasq. So I will try Luci2 since it uses UBUS to talk to uci maybe it'll work:

I cannot recommend xluci2. I like the sidebar tabs feature (but not sure how that would work on mobile). The problem I encountered was that xluci2 was causing uhttpd to consume too many cpu cycles. I tried to list the firewal and eventually gave up and rebooted and reflashed back.

Funny thing about this whole episode is that I've spent so much time now logged in via ssh that I feel pretty comfortable without using Luci at all. So I may just remove Luci on the next firmware rebuild and stick to the shell. This makes the firmware much smaller too so I may add other useful things.

I can just use logger to send info to a rsyslog server. Like dhcp clients/leases. Memory free. Or really anything else.

FWIW rsyslog allows creating separate directories for each remote host for storing data from that host.