Lua binding for libpcap?

I've got to listen for packets from a specific MAC address and would prefer to do it in something a bit more robust than a shell script. Python is a possibility, but Lua came to mind as having enough power, if there were a decent binding to libpcap available.

I didn't see anything obvious in the packages to date. Did I miss it?

Are there any experiences with the various Lua bindings for libpcap out there that a search returns?



Don't have specific experience here but Lua seems like a solid choice, but node.js might also make sense

Would be interested to hear what you settle on.

If it weren't so big Python3, as it's my scripting language of choice these days. Lua is very attractive as once you've installed LuCI, you've already paid the price in storage footprint. It's been years since I've worked with Lua, but that Wireshark uses it tells me it has the power to accomplish my modest goals.

Right now, I'm looking into as it seems to be supported by a commercial enterprise and is tailored for high performance. Not quite a libpcap binding, but if it's small enough and I can figure out how to opkg it, it looks like it will do what I need.

5.2 MB for NodeJS (once I finally found it on the wiki) isn't what I would call "lightweight". By comparison, python-base shows 1.1 MB Neither one of those includes dependencies, and I know that trying to install Python3 on an 8-MB device didn't fly.