LTE USB Stick for Germany

I searching for a LTE USB Stick that works in germany. I found some in this forum, but on the market I can buy them any more.
My OpenWRT runs on a PspberryPi 4.
Greating Chris

checked DE eBay ?

Yes, I checked all markets. But there was nothing.
Do you know a LTE Stick that I can buy new at amazon or an other market that woks with OpenWRT?

New USB LTE can be tricky, it's a dying technology.

I've got an E3276 that's been working really well with Openwrt.

I see they're expensive in DE, but if you live near the PL border, make the trip, they're ~20€ over there.

Please see Please recommend a USB modem / dongle - #8 by AndrewZ

Yes I see that they are dying.
I often see the ‎Huawei E3372H -320.
Its a Router over the USB Port. Some say that it works. Some say that it don't work.
Somebody can tell we more about the stick/router in combination with OpenWRT?

If you can forget the RPi4 for a while, the MF286D is usually cheap within EU, and it'll deliver 2x-3x the speed of an USB LTE modem.

I need the OpenWRT Router on my boat. When I was on sea nearby the coast I want to use LTE, If I was in the harbor,there are WIFI and the I want to use the WIFI there. On the boat I have only 12V like in the car.

Then the RPi is a bad pick, not only does it run on 5v, but you'll also have to add an additional radio, or two, since the onboard radio is low range, and low speed.

The PPi works fine as WIFI Repeater with a big external antenna. And the internal works perfect for the tablets an Laptop on the boat. The only thing that I need is LTE when I'm not in the harbor.

Ok then you've already got the wifi part covered.

Thanks, I found it on kleinanzeigen, too.
But here I get it new cheaper.ß/dp/B013UURTL4

And attachable antenna, even in-room omni will do, you dont need box/sector type.