LTE Router with lots of memory for Mozilla-IOT

I'm building a router and home automation system using Mozilla-iot and need LTE support.

Mozilla-IOT is heavy memory intensive and for now most are running it on Raspberri PI

I found the the minnowboard dual quad however it has been discontinued and the replacements don't have the same features,

Alternatively I've found Wodaplug and the Compex WPQ865.
I feel the woodaplug is great however I might run into memory/cpu bottleneck when running router + Mozilla-IOT.

Have you guys seen anything similar ?

After researching onto this, it looks like the best is to isolate the LTE router into a single device and put it outdoors close to the antenna. This way I can use any standard router for LTE and not need the extra memory / cpu for it. While deploying another machine probably a raspberri pi for mozilla-iot

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