LTE G4 modem / routers for dummies

I'm new to the forum. Perhaps someone out there can help with this issue. I have to use LTE/G4 to gain access to the Internet (live in rural area). Right now I'm using a KuWFi 4G LTE Router (Canadian version on Bell network) H/W version CPE-LM321_V3.2 Software version:LC111-GL-LM321_V3.2_20191018. This modem/router has a limit of 32 users/devices. Well I'm about to exceed that limit. So my question is simple; can someone advice me on what to buy so I can add more devices (say 100 max). One suggestion seems to be the bridging the NETGEAR 4G LTE modem # LB1120 with a WIFi router.

I spotted the ZBT WE826 -Q which has OpenWrt firmware. I couldn't find the 'dummies' review.
Also KuWFi WE1326 also OpenWRT. Again I need dummies description. I notice it doesn't support WPS which is really useful for dummies. Do these devices support ++ users/devices (until they run out of 'juice')?

The WE826-Q is a solid device, as well as the WE1326, which has more resources. Make shure, the Quectel EC25 installed.
Regarding number of devices supported, this depends upon their activities. None of the ZBTs will support 100 users, streaming Netflix simultaneously. The 4G will
be the bottleneck, anyway. Unless you have very good connection, and use a (much) more expensive modem, i.e. a Sierra.

Thanks for the reply. I have run out of room for all my IoT devices. They use intermittent b/w. So G4 is not the bottleneck. I'm up to 32 devices. My present lte router tops out at 30 devices although it claims 32.

I need a modem with good reception as I'm not near the cell transmitter. Also I need the KISS ( keep it simple stupid) s/w. I'd rather not buy something difficult to setup. If it requires flashing the firmware I might end up with a brick.

Finally $$ need to be considered.

I'm leaning to the NETGEAR LTE modem connected to a standalone router.

Any further thoughts

Allan Sand

Further to my last email. How about this one. I need the Canadian version with a modem. Don't know what model they're using.
Paste the URL into AliExpress

C$ 87.83 33%OFF | 1200Mbps wireless router 2.4G 5G gigabit router with SIM card slot 11AC gigabit external antenna wifi repeater mesh Wi-Fi LTE

Allan Sand

You could add almost any router as a wifi AP / router for the IoTs. It would double-NAT through the existing modem / router. The second router and all of its users would look like one device to the first one.

If your existing router has a removable modem card you could move the modem to a new router and know that it would work with your SIM and Bell network. The 826 or 1326 usually has an option to buy with an empty modem slot instead of a card. The cheap cards can be quite dodgy.