LTE connectivity USB dongle vs mPCIe vs LTE Router

I have converted Lenovo IdeaCentre 510S-0I8SH into a router and currently running a tethered android phone to give it LTE connectivity. However, it is not entirely stable and having a always connected battery does not sound like a good idea.
So I am considering a couple of options:

  1. mPCI and old access point.
    Lenovo unit has an M.2 Wifi module that I can replace with LTE module and cute little antena on the back: I thought of replacing it However I figured out I would need a SIM adapter and the card ~70 USB + shipping. Are there cheaper options?
  2. LTE USB dongle.
    I saw some used cheap (Huawei e3372 10 EUR) dongles... heard they work ok but are power hungry. I have a USB power splitter that should double power supplied to it. Would it be enough power to be stale?
  3. LTE router.
    I found some cheap used LTE routers (Huawei B315s-22 25 EUR) I would prefer to have fewer devices and less space taken up by the setup so I would prefer the dongle but is this a more stable solution?

What is the most stable solution?

Should work with an USB3 port.

I used for years a E3372s-153 with at least 4 openwrt based routers. ( never got usb power issues,always usb direct connection to the routers )
I use 2 we826-T2 16mb ( Ec25 lte modules ) for remote monitoring.
And I use a B315-22 in bridge mode ( to avoid double nat ) for remote access.

And this is my order of preference for lte connection.

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