LTE(4G) Transparent Bridge


Recently, I purchased an LTE router from a mobile operator, but unfortunately, it doesn't have the option for LTE bridge mode. Therefore, I installed OpenWRT with the intention of turning this router into a transparent LTE modem. I managed to configure the LTE connection using the QMI interface. However, I'm not very familiar with OpenWRT software, and to be honest, it overwhelms me with its capabilities.

The problem I'm facing is that I don't know how to configure the LTE interface to transparently pass the traffic to a better Cisco router, which would serve as the main router in my setup.

I tried searching for solutions on my own, but unfortunately, I haven't found anything specific. Could you please guide me to the appropriate articles or provide instructions on what I should configure to achieve my goals?


By the way, let me explain the situation I would like to achieve. In another location, I have internet access provided by an ISP through a copper cable. By contacting the helpline, I can switch the inferior router provided by the ISP to bridge mode and connect it to my better router, which handles all the logic. However, in the location I mentioned earlier, this option is not available, and the connection must be made using 4G.

What is the modem brand/model ?

The router is ZTE MF 286 D

Just install ZTE's "Nordic" firmware (latest is Nordic_MF286D_B12) and you will have a bridge mode.

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Honestly, before installing OpenWRT, I did some research, and I came across this software in various articles. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any reliable sources from which I could download it. Could you please point me in the right direction and provide a credible source for downloading 'Nordic' firmware for this router? I'm willing to download it, install it, and conduct some tests. It's quite possible that it will meet my needs since, in this situation, the capabilities of OpenWRT seem a bit overwhelming.

Nevertheless, I'm impressed with OpenWRT, and I would like to explore it further. So if you or any other forum members have any ideas on how to achieve the functionality I described, I'm willing to conduct further tests.

I would just like to add that I purchased the router from a mobile operator, and as you know, they tend to limit the functionality of the factory-installed software.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

mtd8 and mtd9 can be found here.