Lower signal since moving to OpenWrt


Day 2 on OpenWrt.

Linksys WRT3200ACM router.

2 antennas enabled. 2gh and 5gh.

I've been using my wireless TiVo for a couple years no issues on the Linksys firmware.

It's been losing connections since moving to OpenWrt. I have it connected on the 5gh channel as always.

When I go to add a new network to redo the settings it shows a lower signal on the 5 but full signal on the 2.

I am using all DEFAULT settings.

Also my iPhones are going to 2 bars instead of full 3 sometimes.

Suggestions on a fix.

I'm SO lost.

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately , some of the drivers either cant or havent yet been made fully compliant, so cant use the full tx power they are legally allowed to.

Some things to check

iw reg get

Have you set the country code correctly? If openwrt is operating with parameters that your other devices arent allowed to, youll likely see some issues. Are you using one of thr channels that has the highest allowed tx power? (Look closely, usually some are limited , often having DFS listed besidr). Have you tried changing channels - probably unlikely but might be interference.

uci show | grep disasso

Is disassoc_low_ack=1 ? If so you could experiement with disabling that.

uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].disassoc_low_ack=‘0’
uci commit
uci show   #optionally with grep filter from above

Repeat the set command above for all radios listed.

To change country codes there are 4 entries showing on my system. Modify them in the same way as the low ack setting from above



So I'm brand new and I'm using the graphical interface. All that 'unix' kinda code loses me. I don't even know how to enter that on my Mac.

I DID check the WiFi Settings for each of my two networks (2 and 5) and they are both set to US.

Do you know how to change those 'unix' code settings in the UI Interface?

Should I post any screen shots for you?

Thanks for your help so far.


Here are my iPhone speed results.


The slow one is the 2 channel.


Does this help?

43%20AM 06%20AM

ps I just used defaults for everthing. only thing i did was change the SSID on both channels.


no problem,
I'm drawing on what I've learned along the way - looks like both those options can be made through the web interface (might be new - I don't recall these few years ago)

Yep, where you are - goto Advance Settings tab at the top, and you should see the country code dropdown field.

On both tabs at the bottom, under Interface Configuration, select Advanced Settings there as well, and you should see a tick box for the 'disassociate on low ack'.

Save changes, and give it a try for a day or two. (reboot too if you want to be completely sure changes are active, but lots of stuff will dynamically apply on openwrt)

Change your 5ghz channel to something in the upper range that doesn't require DFS, 149 and up in the US https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WLAN_channels

My box was already checked. Should I remove that box?


Pick one of these?


Yeh i would give that a test over a week or two. It probably wont help the speed isssues, but may solve the dropouts you were seeing

ok i will remove the checkmark and proceed. thank you SO much for your help so far.

Pick one of these?

Not sure which bands you meant in your screenshot, channel 169 and above shouldnt be used.

So try a channel between 149 and 165

I have three choices in that range. I'll try those. Thanks.

Also is there anything advantage to setting it to AUTO instead. I think on the Linksys firmware AUTO finds the best channel near me trying to avoid the same channels as neighbors.

Is there an app I can use to look at neighbors channels for the Mac?


OpenWrt does not do anything "special" with the "auto" setting. It does not use the radio(s) to scan for possible interference, outside of the DFS requirement in the 5 GHz band. You are almost always better off picking a channel after you do your own "site survey" than letting "auto" pick what is generally the lowest channel in the band.

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OK thanks. I'm on day 3 of this. I'm so new sorry.

I found the neighboor channels. Built into the Mac31%20PM

So I should use 157 or 161. My only choices that are NOT 153 like my neighbor. Right?

something is wrong. i picked 157. and it's connecting to 161.



You can't "arbitrarily" pick a "base" channel when it is a bandwidth that covers multiple channels. Various OSes will report a different channel for 40 MHz-wide channels.

See, for example http://www.revolutionwifi.net/revolutionwifi/2013/03/80211ac-channel-planning.html

I don't recall the channel numbers that hostapd permits for each bandwidth. Checking for the list in the source now.

Yeah, the 80Mhz channel width means that it uses "multiple channels" (specifically 4 channels at once) so some systems report that as a normal channel and then whether the additional channels are above vs below, other systems report the "average" of all the channels.

In my experience unless you have a totally quiet 5Ghz band, you're better off with 40Mhz channels than 80Mhz channels because interference is reduced.