Low WIFI speed

I just bought a Linksys EA8300, and put openwrt on it, and checking the wifi connections and I'm getting 190~mbs on the 5ghz one (Even while standing next to the router), while on the ISP (shitty) router wifi I'm getting 300mbs.


  • Lowering the tx power
  • Enabling only one radio
  • No security
  • Force 40hz
  • Trying to use the other 5ghz radio (gives same speeds)
  • Other small things

But it doesn't change

I am not familiar with that router,
With that said,
You can see if enabling software flow offload improves performance,
Network > Firewall > Software flow offloading

Enabling that made it go to 240~mbs (while standing next to the router)
Note that since the start I have a 300mbs speed with a wired connection.

I'd say that's the most you should expect from an opensource firmware. If you're after maximized speedtests maybe openwrt is not for you.

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Is this on 5 GHz? If you're on 5 GHz, why not use 80 MHz?

Forcing 40 MHz on 2,4 GHz is antisocial and a bad idea altogether (you'll only create more interference and your network stability won't necessarily improve, much to the contrary).

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That is only true if you live in a contested environment (and also is true for 80MHz or 160 MHz for 5G btw.). There are many people out there in the woods, living in small villages with big houses though. There is no competition for wireless channels in these remote areas.

I would also try 80 MHz on 5GHz.

If he's forcing 40 MHz on 2,4 GHz, that suggests a crowded area.


No 2.4gh connection. See OP
Plus you can't get these speeds on 2.4

Those bad wifi speeds are from WAN -> WIFI or LAN -> WIFI?

Reset the openwrt to its default settings and follow these instructions:

  • Enable software flow offloading on LuCi, on the Firewall configurations.
  • Install the irqbalance package and enable it on its configuration file. Reboot afterwards.
  • Configure the Country Code option of all the 3 radios to the one of your country.
  • Check the 5 GHz bands, on both radios, for empty channels, on LuCi: Status -> Channel Analysis
  • Set both 5 GHz radios to the most empty channels on each one, with 80 MHz channel bandwidth setting.

Repeat the tests.

No, I'm not forcing 40 Mhz currently, I said I tried with that option on to see if anything changed.

Ok, the software offloading I was already doing it on suggestion of the first post. Irqbalance I already had it installed, but didn't know that I needed to activate it, after activating it, speed went to 290mbps so I would say that is more that acceptable.

But I was searching for more info on the forums and it seems the speed problem on radios started on v20-21 where DSA stopped using multi cpu. (More info here). Supposedly fixing that is a work in progress.


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