Losing packages after sysupgrade

This is really annoying. every time openwrt make a new release which installed via sysupgrade, the additional packages that were installed are lost i.e. using filezilla sftp connection gets broken after every upgrade.

Why can't the upgrade process takes a list of the additional packages and re-install linux standard linux distributions.

Easiest way (without installing anything) is to run opkg list-installed before and after the upgrade.

Save each to a unique filename.

Use a diff program to see what needs to be reinstalled.

Add those to a custom script you keep for that purpose, and run it.

Worked well for us for several years now.

There are several ways to handle this situation, as the other commenters have already pointed out. There is the attended sysupgrade process, the online image builder, and the downloadable image builder, and then there are manual or pseudo-manual methods.

The ASU method basically uses the online image builder to create a custom image for you based on what is already installed on your device -- it will then download the custom image and run the sysupgrade process (preserving settings), with the aim of making it basically transparent.

If you use the image builder (online or on your local machine), you can do the same thing... bake your own custom image with all of your packages.

Alternatively, you can simply install packages after you perform the upgrade using the diff method described, or by simply keeping track of what you're installing.

In my personal case, I use extroot and the cleanest way for me to upgrade is to: 1) backup, 2) upgrade without keeping settings, 3) install the extroot packages and pivot to the extroot storage, 4) reinstall packages, 5) restore backup. I have this mostly automated via a few simple scripts.

It can, if you use the ASU method.


Read the following instructions


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super thanks. i have installed the attendedupgrade and will try on the next release as i already upgraded the hard way. thx

thanks. perfect.