Looking for stronger replacement for NETGEAR WNDR3800

Hi everyone, Im a OpenWRT's lover, I really dont understand why it isnt mainstream, I run the IT of a growing company using NETGEAR WNDR3800 and it works perfect, including Wireguard's VPN, between 3 branches, multiwan on main branch, QoS, and other things.

Now I have being noticing a high LOAD on the main branch's router, and Im thinking to make an upgrade. I was thinking to use a raspberry pi 4, but i saw it hasnt have official support.
Im looking to go to x86 arch, looking for a low-end cpu/mobo combo, maybe an atom, or celeron, but i just remember i have an old Cobalt Raq4 laying around, wich have 2 nic ports, 450mhz cpu AMD-K6 3D and 256mb of RAM and it will be nice to give it another chance to be usefull, also it will looks amazing in my rack.

What do you think, it is possible or definitely not?

mmm.... i found it is not supported anymore


That would be an x86-legacy target.

Performance would be comparable to WNDR3800, perhaps even slower. Also of course the ports are not gigabit.

These aren't the droids cobalt's you're looking for. The retired cobalt target was mipsel based, not x86 - but, still, as mk24 implied, 450mhz AMD-K6 doesn't make sense to even look at.

ok, so cobalt raq4 is discarted, what about this cpu/mobo

i can get it new for $50, i guess this amd dual core should be more than capable to improve my netgear router performance
obviusly i should add a pci-x dual nic card
do you think it would be able to handle IPS/IDS?

If your intention is not to talk about Cobart Raq4, it would be a good idea to adjust the topic titel to your real intention.

Title changed

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So i was researching about stronger routers, as my heavier load is on wireguard vpn, because i stream security cameras 24/7, voip, nextcloud backups, i checked https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/vpn/wireguard/performance
and it seems that an ipq40xx could help me to improve my performance and this router seems nice, 4 cores, 512mb ram and 256 nandf and just $90

any suggestion around the same price?