Looking for info and possibility of (future) support of TP-Link Omada er605 Router

Anyone have any info on these?

This looks new-ish, and I'm not finding much info. It looks vaguely analogous to a Microtik Hex? As OpenWRT is running on many of the Omada APs (snapshot), I'm thinking of running the TP-Link software for now, with an eye toward migrating to OpenWRT later.

At $60, I'd consider purchasing a second one as a sacrificial guinea pig: I'm pretty new to low level hardware, but I can read part numbers and follow instructions. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would also love to use a low cost wired router like is one with OpenWRT


appears to be a Mediatek / Ralink MT7621 - ER605(UN)_V1_20210113 FW.

The Edgerouter X and the rb750gr3 are fully supported comparable hardware. ER-X (if you can find one) has more flash and RAM. RB750 has a USB port.