Looking for info and possibility of (future) support of TP-Link Omada er605 Router

Anyone have any info on these?

This looks new-ish, and I'm not finding much info. It looks vaguely analogous to a Microtik Hex? As OpenWRT is running on many of the Omada APs (snapshot), I'm thinking of running the TP-Link software for now, with an eye toward migrating to OpenWRT later.

At $60, I'd consider purchasing a second one as a sacrificial guinea pig: I'm pretty new to low level hardware, but I can read part numbers and follow instructions. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would also love to use a low cost wired router like is one with OpenWRT


appears to be a Mediatek / Ralink MT7621 - ER605(UN)_V1_20210113 FW.

The Edgerouter X and the rb750gr3 are fully supported comparable hardware. ER-X (if you can find one) has more flash and RAM. RB750 has a USB port.

It seems that er605 is build with openwrt, see the GPL, it is the OpenWrt source : https://static.tp-link.com/resources/gpl/er605_gpl.tar.gz

Most chipset vendors base their proprietary SDK loosely on (typically ancient versions of-) OpenWrt, that doesn't mean it would build or retain any form of likelyness with OpenWrt, nor that it makes porting to OpenWrt proper any easier. Typically at least the kernel is replaced, proprietary/ binary kernel modules galore and a different webinterface thrown in, among countless other mutilations and very questionable licensing choices.