Looking for firmware for TP-Link TL-WR844N


is there any info about OpenWRT support for TP-Link TL-WR844N ?

probably someone already built such firmware?

Can you find the "TL-WR844N" in https://openwrt.org/toh/start, if it's not explicitly listed as supported there, then it isn't supported (at least I can't find it, nor any further information about it).

But what I do find, are OEM firmware updates below 2 MB in size (~1.4 MB, actually), which strongly suggests three things.
a) the OEM firmware not being linux based (and binwalk confirms VxWorks)
b) the onboard flash probably being 2 MB in size total, which would imply no chance at all to run OpenWrt (even old versions didn't support this)
c) the combination of a) and and b) suggests that RAM probably is limited to 8 MB as well, which would imply this device to be unsupportable even harder (like 2 MB flash, 8 MB RAM are insufficient for linux and have never been supported by OpenWrt).

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Im also didnt find this model in the list.
So I decided to ask - probably there is not official firmware..
I have WR844N ver. 1 model and really need to have openwrt on it...

based on the info you've already received, you should have realized, it's not going to happen ...

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