Looking for dumb AP

Im looking for dump ap to replace my tp link re 330 which openwrt isnt supported. Im on budget so i really need your help.
My internet plan is 400/400mbps and router is dl wrx36.

An affordable Askey RAC2V1K should do the trick

get another wrx36 ?

How about getting another wired router like NanoPi R2S, and use your WRX36 as dumb AP? Or you need 2 WiFi AP?

What is your budget? The RT3200 $50 on walmart dot com and is great.

As pure AP, the D-Link DAP-x1860 is regularly on sale for 15-20 EUR around here.

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One more vote. I'm replacing all my old TP-Link 4/32 APs with these DAP-X1860s. Maybe not mission critical, but case build quality seems really solid: texture feels nice, and device feels appropriately heavy.

My go-to is the Extreme Networks WS-AP3825I. You can find them for around $15-20 all day long used or around $30 new.

It's enterprise grade so they're build solid and dependable.