Looking for dual band outdoor AP

I'm on the hunt for a Dual Band outdoor AP that is OpenWRT compatible for home use.

I need multiple SSIDs broadcast on multiple different VLANs, on both 5G and 2.4G.

Ideally as much power output as possible to cover a 1km distance. Maybe external antenna?

I was looking at a Ubiquiti BulletAC, or something along those lines but they are like hens teeth here in NZ

Also ideally stocked in NZ.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

What's in the other end of that km?

Just ESP32s and other shenanigans.

And they can transmit a signal 1km back?

1km is a bit of a overkill. Im using it as a ball park figure to make sure I get good coverage.

Ok, are they capable of transmitting back within the real distance?

to be fair I dont really understand what you mean? If there is a strong wifi signal does that not carry it?

It's not a one way signal, is it?

You'll need powerful transmitters on both ends.
Perhaps it's better to get a pair of CPEs.

What I was hoping to do was have a central OMNI broadcast the networks and then be able to have esp32s anywhere that could just connect to that 2.4 network.

No real P2P as devices could be at opposite ends to each other.

That's probably a no go, even if your central AP could reach the ESP32s, their signal won't reach the AP.

APs on both ends, close(r) to to esp32s, retransmitting, their signal, could perhaps work.

What I have noticed is there little things actually have quite juicy onboard antennas.

I have one 100 meters away and walls inbetween, connecting to the indoor AP 2.4G network and its online, not sure what the throughput is yet (literally just flashed it) but, could always whack an external antenna on via the UFL

Trial and error then.

When it comes to devices, check out the tplink EAP outdoor, it's in the openwrt ToH.

Yea, its also for connecting laptops etc.

I just did a OTA flash on this thing and did not notice any difference. Thats crazy!

The Bullet AC is selectable dual band not simultaneous. There is also the Ubiquiti AC Mesh which is very similar to the EAP225 Outdoor. The physics don't allow a wifi link between two omni antennas at 1 km, considering practical and legal power limits. 2.4 GHz CPE type equipment with an integral directional antenna is about all discontinued.