Looking for an expert OpenWrt

Hi, I'm looking for an OpenWrt setup specialist or team. Guarantee payment . If you are interested in my proposal, email me and I will send you a list of tasks.

You haven't actually provided any details about your proposal. If you are looking for assistance with OpenWrt, it would be a good idea to provide some information about what specific tasks or help is involved. Without that, your request for help will likely go unanswered.


@psherman Thank you for your reply. I would like to provide information in private, why should I write it here? I have a task to complete, I am ready to pay for the work.

Well, for starters, you probably want to have people approach you who have the relevant experience.

You wouldn't post a job listing in the newspaper saying "Hiring!" -- people don't know if you're hiring a programmer, a financial analyst, a janitor, a mailroom employee....

For example, some people are really good with wifi tuning. Others are really good with VLANs. If you need a RADIUS server and enterprise authentication, you may need someone who has done this in the past...


You want to send information in private to ... anyone anonymous who is answering?
If you have a job offer, state it. I'm no even sure that this is the right place.