Looking for a Zyxel/Telenor EX5700 / "Wifi Router 2"

I've been on the lookout for a 6E wifi router compatible with OpenWRT, and see support for something called a "Telenor branded Zyxel EX5700" was merged:

I see no mention of EX5700 on Zyxel's website, but went looking for the Telenor one - this appears to be it:

So far as I understand that's a Norwegian ISP, so I doubt I can get that (at least for a reasonable price) here in UK.

Does anyone know any other ways to get this router, or something with the same underlying hardware please?

depends on what you mean by underlying hardware, here's what's supported by the filogic target, used by the EX5700 - https://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/targets/mediatek/filogic/

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not the same device, but the (only) other alternative with 6 GHz support so far.

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Thanks - that's a really helpful list. I was trying, and failing, to use the hardware compatibility pages.

I think upon further reading, I'm better off going an OrangePI route (or even Proxmox on x86) + Filogic Wifi card.

EDIT - I see though that doesn't necessarily mean 6E (6GHz), which is what I'm really looking for.

Thanks - bit pricey here in the UK at £300.

nope, this is based on the SoC used in the device, not the wifi capabilities (if any).

I see, thanks.

Don't know where you can get one unfortunately. Have been meaning to create a device page for this thing. Don't known when that will happen. But let me put some info in this thread at least.

The Telenor "Wifi Ruter II" board is a ZyXEL EX5700-T0. This is part of their ISP offering, which I believe includes many more variants than the examples at https://service-provider.zyxel.com/emea/en/products/ethernet-cpe indicates. Model numbers are not necessarily useful in any case. These routers are always(?) made to customer spec.

The Telenor variant is extra weird. It has a Telenor designed case. And it runs non-ZyXEL firmware, including the bootloader. Which is why I decided to flag the supported device as "Telenor". It includes workarounds for a couple of bootloader features which probably aren't necessary with a ZyXEL bootloader. But hopefully not harmful.

I was gonna wait till wifi7 to retire my Netgear R7800 but these are now starting to become available in the markedplace as used/new in box. Asking price seems to be about 90usd. Looking forward to gettting a few of these and run 160mhz ax on a empty (for now) non-dfs 6hhz spectrum :grinning::grinning::grinning: