Looking for a "nice looking" wireless router with OpenWrt support


I'm mostly done with my current Netgear Orbi setup, and prefer something which is a little bit more open. I have the following requirements:

  • It needs to support at least AC speeds and be tri-band preferably
  • Currently on a 1Gbit fiber connection, so prefer to get as close as possible to that speed
  • It needs to look OKAYish (so no external antenna preferably, something that looks OK standing on a bookshelf)
  • Full OpenWRT support of course, I intend to mesh things together, but likely will run some cable sooner or later
  • "Cheap", eg. I probably need 2-3, so around 100$ max per device would be cool

Anyone got any ideas? I was already looking at the Asus Lyra devices, but would also need to pair it with a more "capable" router (which is hidden somewhere, so that one don't care about much looks wise).

lyra's wireless range isn't that great.

That's pretty sad actually... I'm having some issues finding something that looks OK - so my partner won't kill me :wink:

I think you could probably look into RPi 4 + USB 3 to Ethernet adapter for the router then then some APs.


Access Points:

Ubiquiti Unifi APs:

Cheap Upgrade: