Looking for a decent USB 3.0 Wifi adapter for OpenWrt

Hi guys,

I am looking for a USB 3.0 Wifi adapter that is supported by OpenWRT, I don't mind if it is just AC or dual-band. What would you recommend?

The short story, there are none, there will 'never' be any - better to get a cheap OpenWrt supported wireless router instead and use that as AP.

Adding to that, if you INSIST on it having to be USB (3.0) wifi adapter, check out morrownr's github page: https://github.com/morrownr/USB-WiFi

It has nice recommendations and explanations.

In particular, it is easiest to get a device which has a driver that is already in kernel. As long as the driver is in the kernel, the adapter should work out of the box. At least if you use them on a Linux operating system.