Log analyze program?


I have decided to do more work on my network logs (OpenWRT system log to be exact). I have already manage to have them automatically saved to files on the router and in the future I will have them saved on some kind of external storage.

I'm also thinking of change log system to the other called Syslog-ng.

But i feel it must be some kind of program out there that actually can read these saved system log files, sort the content and analyze them more efficient than me sitting down and manually read all those 1000 of lines. I don't want to remove the "info" level because the OpenVPN logs is stored as "Info".

Made some google on "log analyzers" but programs like LOGanalyzer etc seem to want to read the log file online or something, I don't know how to get the file in to that program. And I don't even know if it can read the content anyway?

So what log analyzer program do you guys and girls suggest or use? If it works in Windows 10 would be fine, but don't let that stop the suggestions.

At the LibreMesh project we have explored working with the logs. This might be of your interest: https://github.com/libremesh/lime-log-review

This isn't very openwrt-specific, however I use export my logs (you can use either the built in logd or something like syslog-ng) to an external Graylog server.

This allows detailed analysis of logs and construction of dashboards. There are a number of different alternatives, for example logstash and kibana. Most of them use an elasticsearch backend, which requires a fairly beefy machine to act as your server.

Thanks for the answers, I have made some research and I will probably go for the ELK solution for now.

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