Locked out by firewall rule

I think I locked out from my router by myself.

I added a drop firewall rule from any source to LAN with IP
Now I can ping the router but don't have SSH or web access.
It still works normally so other devices get internet and I can access them.

How to restore now the access?
Any trick?
I think I have UART access as well to the router when this helps!

Options are available to either fix the broken rule (mount_root and fix the firewall settings) or to just reset everything.

If you have UART access, remove the rule from /etc/config/firewall

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thx, I am online again :wink:

can I ask another question about the firewall:
I have a VM with a own network card in the host.

I want to block the host have access to the sub net
the host have ip

now the host have access like to

I can't modify the host, only openwrt

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