Local network access problem with OpenWrt


This is my actual configuration :

With this configuration, if I am connected to the 1st floor router, I can not access the camera via its local IP.

Before, the router on the 1rst floor was not an openWrt router, and it worked.
A setting must be done?

Thank you in advance.

PS : sorry for my english :confused:

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:+1::+1: for providing such a good diagram.

Honestly not sure why, but here’s a list of suggestions for try:

  • check your Subnet masks are correct on all devices
  • hopefully your laptop has an Ethernet port, if so try plugging into both routers and check if you can connect to the ip camera? If still not, can you at least ping it?
  • it may be something to do with arp cache, either in the ip camera or in the routers. As a test you could try changing the subnet for the first floor router + devices to something else. This would force your ground floor router to route the packets instead of switching them. You’d need to create some extra routes on both routers so they know where to forward the traffic tho
  • double check all devices in your home network side of openwrt devices are in the lan firewall zone , or you’ve opened access with rules
  • edit: forgot to mention, try sshing onto your first floor router and see if you can ping the ip camera from there too

HTH get you going

When you changed the router, it is possible that the ip address of the camera may have changed (if dhcp assigned). You can look at the dhcp leases and/or run a network scan to check this.

Is there an Ethernet cable connecting a "LAN" port on the first router to a "LAN" port on the second router?



Thank you for your help!

  1. All OK
  2. If I connect my computer to the router of the first floor in wifi and wired to the router of the ground floor, I have access to the camera
  3. I have set my second router (first floor) with IP : it works!
  4. I do not understand what I need to check.
  5. "Unable to reach the host."

So, with a different subnet, it's OK. Strange, because my old router on the 1rst floor was on the same subnet.

Lan -> Wan :

No, the ip address of the camera has not change.
The camera is an example, but I can't access the router configuration page ( and others devices connected to the ground floor router.

Connect the two routers by the LAN ports. The upstairs router needs to be configured as a "dumb AP". Everything connected to it will bridge to downstairs which does the actual routing.

The ISP box and its LAN should be considered part of the Internet. Everything in the house goes on the LAN side of the downstairs Xiaomi. Turn off the WiFi in the ISP box and use only one of its Ethernet ports to connect to the WAN port of the downstairs router.


Ok, I just did it. But I have no internet connection from this router now.

Ok, but how do we do this concretely?
I have to follow instructions like here ? Configure Dumb AP

For this part, I agree. It was already the case.

If your going to use the same subnet for both routers, then this setup unlikely to work - you’ll need to connect lan <-> lan ports between the routers.

If you use different subnets for the lan interface on each router then lan > wan will work, but without firewall rules on the first floor router (or disabling the firewall) you’ll probably find that nothing connected to the ground floor router will be able to reach stuff on the 1st floor router .

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I followed the instructions of the site I gave above. Everything works well. Thank you!
However, it is indicated:

Set DNS and gateway to point into your main router to enable internet access for the dumb AP itself

I did not do this step (I do not know what to do precisely), and it works anyway. It's normal ?

No, but if you want to update the "dumb AP" than you have to set this options.

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