Load balancing wlan?

hi guys
I was wondering if there's anyway to use load balancing (mwan3) on wireless network instead of lan ?¿

mwan3 was supposed to load balance wans not lans. But if your wans are wifi networks (you're connecting as client) mwan3 should work as advertised


i actually found a method to do it on wireless networks but it requires an second network card

I want better LAN distribution over my two WAN connections. I have an openwrt based load balancing duel WAN router. Even when multiple devices attempt to connect to a server the load balancer always only uses one of the internet connections at a time. It will switch back and forth between WAN's but always sending traffic down only one connection at a time.

I would like to know if there is a mwan3 rule or policy which will route new connections to the "least" active WAN connection? My DSL connections are only... 5.5Mb/s and 6.5Mb/s :disappointed:
Ao you can understand the frustration... Example: I am downloading a file using most/all the bandwidth of one connection and my daughter turns on the TV to watch Netflix and she constantly gets the pausing buffer circle because the load balancer is fixated on using only one of the connections at a time instead of routing her traffic down the other connection improving the experience for the both of us???

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