Load balancing using mwan3

I use mwan3 with 2 interfaces WAN and a last WWAN everything works great i have a little speed but good ping on a ADSL connection on WAN and a wide and slow SAT connection on WWAN via wifi. I would like to use the best of the two world. Use ADSL on WAN to make my requests / receive them with WWAN on sat.. is it possible ? Do you think..

Sorry for my english, it's awfull ..

Nope, sites you access will send back the data to the IP from where the request is coming, not some random IP.

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Isn't there a way to achieve this somehow like through spoofing or something like that?

Yeah, probably with spoofing, but I didn't mention it, and if easy doable, it'd be a perfect way of creating attacks.
Request large amounts of data, spoof the IP, making the data to be sent to the victims IP.

But what happens when the reply reaches your firewall, on the other WAN interface?
Since the request didn't come from there, I would expect the answer to be dropped...?


Thanks guys !
Anyway, openWRT is a great thing, and luCI maybe a bit hard to start with but with the mwan3 packages i am able to add my two connections on some specified computers at home, it's great. I was on a 5mb/s connection, now 90mb/s all the time. It's cooool.

You should consider CAKE to keep latency low.

What do you see using:

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1387 ms

Download Active

+0 ms

Upload Active

+77 ms


↓ Download

16.7 Mbps

↑ Upload

1.47 Mbps

what is CAKE ? an openWRT package ?