Livebox Play SagemCom (aka Livebox 3)



Can you tell us if there are works on this box of 2013, do we know its characteristics ?

Indeed, open source firmwares are available on the operator's website, however it is really surprising that there is no OpenWrt version.

And to complicate the whole, the provider on its last fw to reinforce the security of the box: the adsl link must be obligatorily established on the customer line to reach the interface of log and password of the box (incredible but true).

If someone has found a solution to make a retro update the box could be used as a repeater while waiting for OpenWrt.

If you have any suggestions...


thank for the question, I have the same box and I want to use it with Openwrt.
Sorry Ocius, I don't have skills for developing a firmware.

open it up, post photos of all the cogs and other things inside.

The identification of the components remains unknown for the moment.

All the chips are surface mounted devices are also encased by a metal dome...

Before embarking on a potentially pointless destructive step, the industry's communication standards are known : here is surely a way to connect to one of the interfaces is to query the box's cpu.

That's what the serial console's for, if it can be found.