Live Network Traffic

Use Netdata (packages)?

not yet! is good?

I forgot a detail, I have Windows only!

Not an issue. Yuo could use Putty or Bitvise to access the router via SSH.

And for accessing the file system or editing the file easily you could use WinSCP

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I personally use softflowd and snmpd.

I then use NfSen and Cacti - respectively to process and view the data.

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To be honest, I think the whole thing could be easier (at lease for quick view of traffic amount). I mentioned that in a previous post:

netdata is webbased,
Which is fine if you're on Windows :wink:

great, do you have a tutorial on how to install?

I presume the OP is talking about monitoring traffic at the router, in order to do it for all connected devices rather than on one PC.

+1 on the netdata, don't think it supports per IP OOTB though.


Anything not installed on the router (or a server if you have all traffic going through a server) will not let you monitor bandwidth from all connected devices.

So unless you install on the router, you would have to install different applications on the individual clients, or at best install a traffic monitoring server on one device and agents on the other devices to collect the data and send to the server. So not a practical solution at all. Last option would be using packet sniffing as man in the middle, but that's problematic and also resources intensive.

The simplest solution is often the best, and that applies here. Monitor the traffic at the router.

Edit. I see now there is a package of netdata for openwrt.

a example is this, but showing per device ip

It is installed on the router, but you monitor down the pipe on any browser; there are add on bits to get more data down the pipe, but have never investigated what may be available.

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That's AdvancedTomato :wink:

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Yes, I've heard, it's more or less what I need

Ah I thought you were talking about mentioned eariler, as they seem to provide binaries for x64 Linux only (and possibly X86--not sure).

installed, now how i acess netdata?

> http://ip:19999

well, by default.

in browser?