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Hi, guys. I am a beginner in the openwrt world and would like to hear from you about the applications. I have recently installed the latest version of openwrt on my TPLink N750 and am now looking for a feature where I can see bandwidth utilization in real time (down / up) every second. I've already looked and researched a lot about it, but I did not find anything that worked in a decent way. Could you help me with this?

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Hi! Welcome to OpenWrt!

It would help us a lot to know more about your installation:

  • What exact router (manufacturer/model/version) do you have
  • How much Flash/RAM does it have
  • What version of OpenWrt is installed
  • What package/tools have you considered and rejected



So let's go. It is a TDRink WDR4300, version 1.7, 8MB flash, 128MB RAM, version 18.06.2.
Well, I tried the wrtbwmon only that the real-time refresh rate of it seemed to me a bit slow, bandwidthd, which actually only counts the data trafficked from each IP, but does not offer how much internet each IP is consuming at that time. Other than that I installed another one that seems to work that is iftop, but when I install the package nothing appears on the interface.

I have experience using either of these on OpenWrt:

  • YAMon from Al Caughey - It requires that you install an external USB drive to hold its data, but provides a lot of information about traffic to/from specific sources on your network.

  • Some form of Netflow monitoring. I wrote a series of blog posts Netflow Collectors for Home Networks that describe what Netflow is, and how you could collect and display the data from your network.

Good luck! Have fun!


just one more thing, I also tried to install YAMon, but I could not do it through the USB and installed through the internal memory, which in the end did not work. As on the site I thought it did not clarify very well, could you give me small instructions to make it able to run through the USB? tks

For this you need to log into your router via ssh as iftop is a terminal application. Make sure to use the "-i" flag to direct iftop to monitor the desired interface, so most likely something like:
iftop -i pppoe-wan


Have you seen the Realtime Graphs under Status on the web interface?

I'm not sure what program does the back-end data collection for those but obviously it is already installed.

I just updated the USB Quick Start at Let me know if it works.

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I saw the graph but what I need is the application itself, since this graph does not have what I want

Use Netdata (packages)?

not yet! is good?

I forgot a detail, I have Windows only!

Not an issue. Yuo could use Putty or Bitvise to access the router via SSH.

And for accessing the file system or editing the file easily you could use WinSCP

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I personally use softflowd and snmpd.

I then use NfSen and Cacti - respectively to process and view the data.

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To be honest, I think the whole thing could be easier (at lease for quick view of traffic amount). I mentioned that in a previous post:

netdata is webbased,
Which is fine if you're on Windows :wink:

great, do you have a tutorial on how to install?

I presume the OP is talking about monitoring traffic at the router, in order to do it for all connected devices rather than on one PC.

+1 on the netdata, don't think it supports per IP OOTB though.