List all connected devices and known hostnames from command line

I'm looking to get a list of connected devices along with any known host names from the command line. Essentially what I'm looking for is the output of getHostHints from the luci rpc, but from the command line. I'd like to use the output for scripts, management, etc. but I'd rather not use the luci http interface which would require me to save the password into scripts. Is there any way to interface with the luci rpc library directly from the command line? Or perhaps are there equivalent command line options that get the information? Arp doesn't have host names, the dhcp leases in /tmp only have current leases, and the wifi lists also lack hostnames - however, when I use the luci rpc and call getHostHints in the gui it has much more information.

ubus call luci-rpc getHostHints


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