Linux free server?


it is not really related to open wrt but I would like to know if some use a server on linux, and if so, which one. a server is not free I guess, so do you need to pay a lot of money to have one?


Linux is a free operating system (in fact plural - many different distributions, different variants of Linux, including Openwrt). And there are many free / open source server software packages available - depending on what services you want to run and your requirements.

This is not openwrt related, as you have already mentioned. Therefore this is not the correct forum for this discussion. I would suggest you do some basic research on the web and ask these types of questions about Linux servers on sites dedicated to supporting the types of services you are thinking of running.


Not expensive, I pay 7/8$ month on DigitalOcean for a VPS with Ubuntu but there are also free server like Oracle (that I use to compile OpenWrt) and it runs on CentOS.


Whatever you run at home on your own hardware only costs your time and the electricity needed to run it, beyond the initial cost of the hardware itself. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

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Ok but oracle it is for virtual machine?
I mean, i want to setup nextcloud but it seems that i need a.domain or ip adress..

Oracle free is a VM of course (like every low price similar service) but it has a fixed IP obviously (otherwise you won’t be able to connect to it). Anyway If you neeed it for storage, I would buy a VPS due to safety reasons, few $.

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AFAIK, Google, Amazon/AWS and Microsoft/Azure all offer a free low-resources VM for a year. Oracle is the only one which offers two free VMs for life.

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Yes (but with AWS you have, hmmm 75? hours free for month, so it can be used), remember only that with oracle you have the space only for one build.

I mean, if I use my istance for make a build for my R4S, and then I make another folder with a fork for another build, the build will fail due to the low space.

Received this from Oracle only a week ago, but if I read the terms correctly,
it's still going to be free for life, unless I exceed the limits set for the tier.

Been using them for ~2.5 years, very happy with how it's been working during my time there

Maybe we can use, nginx and nextcloud

Yes but you need to convert the free tier to PAYG (and avoid to exceed the limits obviousu).

Anyway I haven't received the mail, rather I created today another istance :grin: it's crazy that is free!

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 15.49.05

Anyway I don't understand why they claim 50GB of disk space, when I'm unable to compile/store more than one OpenWrt repo (that is about 400mb), as soon as I delete one folder, I can compile it, otherwise gcc fails saying "no space left on device".

Very absolutist of you.

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