Linksys WRT32X

I hope you don't mind reaching out. I've found myself spinning in circles. I purchased a Linksys WRT32X back in November to deploy as just a Wireless Access Point. The default/stock firmware seems extremely limited. I made an attempt to try DD-WRT, but I also ran into many issues. Like for example once I change the default user and password or the device's IP to something like it seems like it refuses to boot, it would only show something like the only thing I could do is press the reset button. But once again, I repeated the process with the same results. There were many other issues to list as well.

So, if I may ask for some assistance. I'm confused on where to go from here or if it's even possible to unitize this device as a simple Wireless A.P. What would be the best action to take, revert to the default firmware "Venom" and install a package repository and attempt to regain some functionality or install OpenWRT "Venom" v18.06.x which I assume would contain all of the packages and functionality. Both firmware are named "Venom" but are different, right?

I apologize for the lack of knowledge. I would greatly appreciate any advice.

Wrong. OpenWrt is not named as venom. No connection between the Linksys firmware and OpenWrt. And you can't use any additional OpenWrt packages with the Linksys firmware.

If you want to experiment with OpenWrt, install 19.07.0-rc2 for it. Or the final 19.07.0 that is expected in a few days.
18.06 is ancient.

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Thank you so much for the reply. I'll give that a try. Do the wireless issues still exist with mobile clients? Hopefully this will work.