Linksys WRT32X: DD-WRT to OpenWrt

Hi. I am trying to switch from DD-WRT to OpenWrt on my router (I have another router that came with openwrt and prefer that over dd-wrt). I've tried installing OpenWrt but it keep booting DD-WRT, so it looks like DD-WRT is on both partitions.
How would I go about installing OpenWrt as I am obviously doing something wrong...

It's best to install the original Linksys firmware and then install OpenWrt from there (original linksy's firmware), so DD-Wrt > Linksys original firmware > OpenWrt. If you're on an older build of DD-Wrt you might not be able to install original Linksys, if that's the case just upgrade to the newest version of DD-Wrt and you should be able to install original Linksys.

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Thank you. I did upgrade to latest build Earlier this week and tried the Linksys firmware but it still boots DD-WRT. I do that via web interface, right?

Yes, the web interface, there may still be a problem specific to the 32x when flashing stock firmware, you might try asking on the DD forum in the mvebu section (that’s their section for the new linksys wrt series).

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Thank you for the link. I did find what I was looking for but unfortunately it did not solve my problem... still stuck on DD-WRT. I will ask there for more assistance.

tftp if you have a TTL serial connection

I am now back on Linksys FW and can move on to OpenWrt. The very last post on the last page...

Login with winscp as root
Copy venom.img to /tmp/

ssh with PuTTY and run
mtd -e linux -r write /tmp/venom.img linux

Router reboots automatically
Login to router with winscp again
Copy venom.img to /tmp/ again

ssh into router with PuTTY again and run
mtd -e linux2 -r write /tmp/venom.img linux2

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