Linksys WRT32x Alternative?

I am using a Linksys WRT32x with Openwrt right now. Thinking about replacing it with something newer, with Wifi 6. I tried the TP Link Deco AX3000 only to discover that wifi speeds are actually lower vs the Linksys WRT32x and my ISP's router. I only had the AX3000 for about an hour and returned it. Anyone have any suggestions, under $100? I was looking at the Dynalink AX3600 , I have a 1G connection. Linksys WRT32x and ISP router - avg 350-450mbps down.

I have the Dynalink, it's a pretty good value. Check the full thread, there are a lot of benchmarks in there. It's a big thread, but you can search it. The install is pretty easy if you can follow directions, but it's not as simple as uploading a file to the stock firmware.

It can route your 1G connection, but I don't think it can handle SQM at your speeds. Wireless performance is very much dependent on distance, obstructions and other factors. It works great for me, but my high bandwidth users are all wired.

If you have a particularly complicated setup, or run extra services on your router you can post your details to that thread and someone will likely be able to tell you if it'll work.

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Thanks for the reply. Will definitely check out the thread. I don't run anything complicated. Just do a lot of streaming with my Nvidia Shield and Apple TV 4K. My isp (Tachus) router is wifi6, has decent speeds but I can't manage wifi channels. Can only use HomePass app to access router. I am also looking at the TP-Link AX1800 WiFi 6 Router (Archer AX21) not sure If can do Openwrt on this one. Dont like using the TP Link app to manage device. Not under $100 but close while it is on sale.


I was looking at that one earlier. I am testing the ASUS RT-AX1800S Dual Band WiFi 6 Extendable Router right now. Getting 367dl/71up; Tachus ISP router 419dl/571up. Issue I have with this Tachus router is that I cannot manage it. Wifi signals overlap in congested channels. Trying to figure out why this Asus is slower. Flint router has great specs!

Just seen there is an Openwrt image for this Asus - ASUS RT-AX54 / ASUS RT-AX54HP / ASUS RT-AX1800HP / ASUS RT-AX1800S

The RT-AX1800S/1800U are using older MT7621 chipset, it can serve 1G without problem but weaker at something like VPN or SQM.

If you don't intend to install too many packages on router, another option is Cudy WR3000v1, I bought one for friend, basic OpenWrt + Wireguard works well, and unlike Dynalink which needs NSS build to get better performance, the Cudy is based on Mediatek which has open source driver inside OpenWrt.

You might seriously consider gl-inet MT6000, which was already mentioned above.
It is slightly above that $100, but offers solid value.
It's mt76 WiFi driver is actively developed.
I am happy with mine.

I have also the Dynalink DL-WRX36, but its atk11k WiFi driver crashes every now and then.
Otherwise good.

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I installed latest Openwrt on the Linksys WRT32x; doesn't have wifi6, but I am getting 515dl/538ul on laptop connected to wifi; Nvidia shield 351dl/261ul. Speeds are almost identical to Tachus/ISP wifi router (which I can't manage because only allowed to use their Homepass app). I have gone thru two wifi6 routers already - returned. Wifi6 and the AsusWRT panel is pretty cool, liked it. Has a lot of features. Still up in the air on this Wifi6 router decision. Keep using the Linksys WRT32X or switch. If it's not broken, why fix it? :open_mouth: New wifi6 router with comparable speeds would really be nice though :+1:

a widely-recommended option would be to separate the router and wifi access point functions. tis might allow optimizing each and maintaining a less expensive incremental upgrade pathway. if you go this way, the wrt32x would still be a very storng performer for your main router, and you can get an AX3000-class wifi6 access point for $50 from many vendors.

I went from a WRT32X to a GL-MT6000 about 6 months ago. It has Filogic 830, 8GB storage, 1GB ram, and 4x4 WiFi 6. Better performance all around (sqm, wifi, ksmbd, etc.), I highly recommend it.

Both are perfectly stable with great OpenWrt support and are nice looking compact devies too, it just became a straight upgrade for all the packages I run. Only thing I miss is the dual-firmware feature the Linksys has but oh well.