Linksys WRT3200ACM WiFi issue

Having issues with WiFI...

Looking at the device page...

Is this a manual thing to do?
Also, How exactly do you go about doing it?


using what version of openwrt ?


23.05 frollic

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  • Remove/uninstall package kmod-mwifiex-sdio
  • Create WiFi config
  • Reboot device

(Since the instructions say exactly that - perhaps let us know if you're having issues doing so and with which step.)

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What issues are you experiencing, exactly?

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Is this correct?

Was getting drops and losing internet...

Lets see after this fix


IIRC, this disabled the 3rd radio (aka radio2) on these devices.

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  • Can you explain what WiFi issues you're having first?
  • No - you remove software on the web GUI here:


On the radio you're disabling, or another one?

Does the "Generic Unknown" be off this list?

Just lost my PC's internet connected to lan port

after configuring wireless settings

Wireless to my phone is fine

go figure

Just a FYI...stock works fine

After having this router laying around for years , I believe its finally working
Tried DD WRT too with same issues....
After searching here ,I found some good reading
Like Advance Reboot and the answer to my drops...
It was my Amazon Dots....
Just a click on some B Rates fixed that....
I will not jump for joys for 2 days but it does look promising..

Thxs guys !!!